Wednesday, May 15, 2013

YouTube, the sad reality of news and views


My video uploads on YouTube have been going well over the last few years now. They never seem to attacked a lot of views but over time you do see a steady increase in viewership.

My videos generally relate to nature as is my passion.

Looking at the youtube analytics system, my videos generally generate 200 to 400 views which is not a lot but it feels good that I'm not the only person enjoying moments I have captured.

In December 2012 I uploaded a video I recorded of a certain individual stealing my motor bike. I was not expecting any real views from this video but wanted to upload it never-the-less in case  someone recognised this buffoon and could report it to the cops. 

Sadly nothing has come of this case and the motor bike is gone for good. This is not a bad thing since I do not really like motor bikes in the first place.

What I do find amazing though is that the video is out performing every other video I have ever uploaded to YouTube. In the last week it has reached 4000 views. Its crazy to see how many people watch this video.

So I have decided that perhaps my Youtube vlog has been misdirected, going forward I have learned the secret to increasing YouTube views, make sure your video is about crime or something negative and people will watch it…  LOL maybe not

Out of interest the video Im speaking about is below

Crime in South Africa

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